Handheld shooting with Zacuto

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Toyota car dealer. Prices and funding are dumbfoundedly good! We had just gotten our Zacuto camera rig together, so of course it was shot handheld. Just a very simple idea and kind of easy to execute. But great lighting by Hans Petur. I love the clean look this ad has, something that lots of our older commercials didn’t have. We just started stripping the idea and the room down to its bare bones, and I think it worked.

Everything has a price

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Home contents insurance for all your furniture and stuff in your house.

This ad was shot on DV, and we were at the time really tired of the video look and working with shitty camera formats like DV. The HDSLR revolution was still a couple of years around the corner. It was hard to figure out ways to make the DV-signal look more like real film. And I think we pushed it as far as we could.

This ad is an excellent example on how good you can make the DV signal look, by color grading and adding that fake depth of field into an otherwise too-crisp-bluish-video-looking-picture. Price tags were put on by using tracking software which was real magic back in those days.

High-energy ad

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High-energy ad for a special youth bank account. In order to create the feeling of the ad it was essential that the young people were both fired up and active, as well as positively aware of the camera. The easiest lighting setup ever: A powerful flashlight straight into their pale faces.

Impossible to break

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To advertise high performance building materials (house sidings) for Import.fo we used classic slapstick humour in this ad. The concrete slabs were actually made of styrofoam, which were surprisingly impossible to break. Special effects and tooth picks completed the illusion.

The winner is…

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Company of the year 2010

Pushed to the absolute limit

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For iConcept  we wanted to create a bleak, typically Nordic atmosphere with this film. The actors Hjálmar Dam and Nicolai Falk did a superb job playing two desperate suits on the run, especially Hjálmar who had to lie in the freezing mud way too long. The expressions on their faces are real signs of being pushed to the absolute limit. One of them threw up blood..

Car financing from Bank Nordik.

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Everyone needs one.
Just get one.
Call Bank Nordik.
That’s all.
(…hmm..now what were the rules for haikus?)

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