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Visit Faroe Islands…now!

14/09/2013 Comments off

The Faroese Tourist Board started a big rebranding campaign of The Faroe Islands in 2013. To start off the campaign they needed a short 2 min. movie, which was to be shown to the Faroese public, and shared on social media.

We were hired to shoot this movie. They wanted to show the Faroes in a poetic and sensual way. Over one week we shot about 8 hours of footage, which was then editied into this 2 min. piece. Some of the shots were planned, and some of them were shot spontaniously. There was a lot of footage and a lot of decisions to be made. We needed to stay cool and kill a lot of darlings in this one. So Thomas took the big Mac Pro under his arm and travelled to Copenhagen to Liquidminds HQ, and finished the editing there.

During the shooting period, we recieved our secod Red camera, the Red Epic. This camera has a much higher frame rate which was perfect for our helicopter shots as it’s much easier to stabilise a higher frame rate picture in post.

Client: Visit Faroe Islands
Idea: Kovboyfilm, Sansir and Liquidminds
Camera: Thomas Koba
Director: Cris Anthony Hodar
Song: Eivør Pálsdóttir
Producer: Michael Koba

Visitors beware!

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The Faroe Islands are a mountainous place with small curvy roads and tunnels. In the Summer a lot of tourists come here on the ferry, and bring their cars along. And it is an excellent place to travel by car, as the roads stretch out to every corner of the country. But there are dangers on the road and some road rules, which foreigners should be extra aware of.

The Faroese Main Road Authority came to us with this assignment. They wanted a looped movie to be played back nonstop on the 2 day ferry trip to the Faroes. A movie, which made new visitors aware of the dangers on the Faroes roads. It was to be shown on different monitors onboard the ferry, but without sound.

We had worked with the talented illustrator, Janus á Húsagarði, before, and he was hired for this assignment as well. We made a storyboard,  Janus drew some black and white illustrations – we cut them out, animated them and added colours.

Idea and storyboard: Thomas Koba
Illustrator: Janus á Húsagarði
Animator: Thomas Koba

Beat up that guy!

26/09/2011 Comments off

This one has been shown wayyy too little. I love it myself, and maybe it will come to its right on this blog. Maybe someone else will appreciate it. It’s about a moving company, and two guys fighting. Or rather one guy getting beat up by another guy. He gets packed into a cardboard box, and off he goes! With Safari Transport, of course.

The winner is…

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Company of the year 2010