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Paint – all over


Add some colour to your boring life. We made this one for a company in the Faroes selling paint. We went over the top with this one, and it got a lot of press: negative and positive (we like both!).

It is good paint that these guys are selling. It’s “beautiful” and “strong”. So of course we needed to have something beautiful and something strong, hence the surfer chick and the bodybuilder. It’s obvious!

The character in the beginning is our favorite actor, Hjálmar Dam. To make him extra boring and “square” we molded his head “squarish” post editing. Don’t think anyone recognises him.

This was a fun one to make, and Hjálmar has a hard time maintaining his serious glare.

Client: Colorama Tórshavn and Runavík
Idea. Kovboyfilm
Director: Thomas Koba
Camera: Hans Petur Hansen
Props: Jóhannes Andreassen
Producer: Michael Koba