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Basic needs


Ad for the University of the Faroe Islands. It focuses on the 4 basic needs of a human being: Food, sleep and sex. The fourth need “the will to advance”, “the will to become better”, “the will to learn”. The ad is built on a monologue talking about these 4 drives. We wanted the ad to appear staccato-like. We chose a black and white color palette to accentuate the direct and to-the-point nature of the story. There are no fades, no flowing animations in this ad. The voice over also has this staccato feel. It makes for a very clean and fast ad, without any added extras.

Client: Fróðskaparsetur Føroya
Idea: Kovboyfilm
Camera: Thomas Koba, Hans Petur Hansen
Producer: Michael Koba
Monologue written and read by: Thomas Koba.